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Correction to: Arbovirus and seizures

The Original Article was published on 28 October 2020

Correction to: Acta Epileptologica (2020) 2:17

After publication of this article [1], it is noticed the article contains an error: the section below should be placed between the section headings of ‘Pathogenesis’ and ‘Activated glia’ on page 2.

Tropism with the brain

JEV’s neurotropism is a relevant factor of its pathogenesis. Neurotropism is not synonymous with neurovirulence, but they can be associated with each other in some cases. The JEV typically replicates before it spreads to local lymph nodes. Then the liver, heart, kidney and other organs the blood-brain barrier (Fig. 2). To cross the barrier, JEV replicates in endothelial cells inflammatory cells that carry the virus (Fig. 3).

The original article has been updated.


  1. Zheng M, Li S, Hogan RE, et al. Arbovirus and seizures. Acta Epileptologica. 2020;2:17

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