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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of the TLE and control patients

From: miRNA-let-7i modulates status epilepticus via the TLR4 pathway

Participant No. Sex Age (years) Disease course (years) AEDs before surgery Resection tissue Pathology
T1 M 57 12 TPM, PHT, CBZ TNl G
T2 M 26 14 VPA, CBZ, TPM TNr G, NL
T3 F 44 16 CBZ, VPA, TPM, PHT TNl G, NL
T4 M 45 24 VPA, CBZ, LTG, TPM TNl G, NL
T5 M 36 15 VPA, PB, CBZ TNl G, NL
T6 F 18 10 PB, CBZ, VPA, PHT TNr G, NL
T7 M 32 10 CBZ, VPA, OXC TNl G, NL
78 M 29 4 CBZ, CZP, VPA TNl G, NL
T9 F 27 7 CBZ, CZP, LTG TNr G, NL
T10 F 31 8 CBZ, PHT, LGT, CZP, TNr G, NL
C1 M 39 0 NO TNr N
C2 M 58 0 NO TNl N
C3 F 41 0 NO TNl N
C4 M 29 0 NO TNl N
C5 M 44 0 NO TNr N
C6 M 23 0 NO TNl N
C7 F 22 0 NO TNl N
C8 F 49 0 NO TNr N
C9 M 17 0 NO TNr N
C10 M 49 0 NO TNr N
  1. T TLE, C Controls, F female, M male, AEDs anti-epileptic drugs, PB Phenobarbital, CBZ carbamazepine, VPA valproic acid, PHT phenytoin, CZP clonazepam, OXC oxcarbazepine, LEV levetiracetam, LTG lamotrigine, TPM topiramate, TN temporal neocortex, l left, r right, NL neuronal loss, G gliosis, N normal