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Table 3 Indications for ictal MEG applications

From: Interictal and Ictal MEG in presurgical evaluation for epilepsy surgery

Indications Reference
High likelihood of seizure recording Medvedovsky et al., 2012 [20]
MEG interictal scattered, multifocal or no spikes Fujiwara et al., 2012 [27]
EEG and MRI unclear, MEG interictal lobar Oishi et al., 2002 [40]
Pharmacoresistent status nonconvulsivus Schmitt and Rampp, 2012 [30]
Skull defects Alkawadri et al., 2013 [56]
Suspected frontobasal, mesial occipital or insular localization Ramanujam et al., 2017 [21]
Noninvasive classification of system epilepsies Sakurai et al., 2010 [57]