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Table 1 Various EEG patterns associated with a poor outcome in HSE

From: Continuous video electroencephalogram for herpes simplex encephalitis: a case report and literature review

EEG patterns Outcome Reference
Frequency of slow wave:
 Delta activity Poor Baten A [14], Kim YS [22]
Distribution of slow wave:
 Spread of delta activity Poor Baten A [14], Kim YS [22]
 Diffuse high-amplitude slow waves Poor Sili U [23]
Reactivity to stimulus:
 No reactivity Poor Baten A [14], Kim YS [22]
 No alpha and theta reactivity Poor Sili U [23]
Special waves:
 Burst suppression Poor Singh TD [24]
 Refractory status epilepticus Poor Baten A [14]
 Alpha and theta coma Poor Kim YS [22]
 PLED or biPLEDs Poor Sili U [23]
Background of EEG:
 Absence of PDR Poor Singh TD [24]
 Absence of sleep architecture Poor