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Table 2 The treatment and outcome of the patients

From: The ketogenic diet for paediatric patients with super-refractory status epilepticus in febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome

No.Number of AEDs used before KDDuration of SE before KD (d)Day of blood BHB beyond 2 mmol/L after diet (d)Highest level of blood BHB (mmol/L) in ICUDay of SE controlled after KD (d)Duration of KD useAdverse reaction of KDDuration of staying in ICU (d)Time of seizure recurrence after KDSeizure frequency after seizure recurrenceIntellectual disabilityBrain MRI at 6 months follow-upNumber of AEDs used at 1 year follow up
Case 142224.1148 mUrinary stones6243 dDaily seizuresModerateMild general atrophy5
Case 241232.6712 mNo26NoNoNoNormalNo
Case 348131527 dArrhythmia/Urinary stones324 mMonthly seizuresMildMild general atrophy4
Case 431032.9No effect36 dNo82/Daily seizuresSevereSevere general atrophy4
Case 53772.263 mNo2920 dMonthly seizuresMildMild general atrophy4
Case 632142.1712 mNo265 mweekly seizuresMildMild general atrophy4
Case 73664.183 mNo312 mMonthly seizuresMildMild general atrophy3
Case 826120.9No effect8 dUrinary stones/hematuresis83/Daily seizuresModerateModerate general atrophy4
Case 922064.1198 mNo5315 dweekly seizuresMildMild general atrophy4
Case 10420102.928 mNo373 mSemi-annually seizuresMildMild general atrophy3
  1. KD ketogenic diet