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Table 2 Anesthetics induced seizures in patients without a history of epilepsy in different studies

From: Two cases of anesthetics-induced epileptic seizures: a case report and literature review

Study Sex/Age Surgery Anaesthetic Anesthesia type Epileptic seizure Duration Period Treatment Epilepsy history Family history EEG CT/MRI
Mark 2017 [15] M/34 Craniotomy for arteriovenous malformation resection Propofol G TCS 100 s During operation Propofol and levetiracetam N N Abnormal Normal
Hsieh 2015 [16] F/10 Elective tenectomy Lidocaine L GTCS 3 min After anesthesia Non N N Abnormal Normal
Tuna 2012 [17] F/65 Endoscopic procetures Propofol G GTCS 40 min Awakening period Benzodiazepine N N NA Normal
Yanaru 2010 [18] M/23 Removal of the nails in his upper arm Propofol G GTCS 20 min After anesthesia Midazolam N N NA NA
Dorf 2006 [19] F/94 Fracture reduction Lidocaine L GTCS 2 min After anesthesia Non N N NA Normal
Takeuchi 2005 [20] NA Obturator nerve blockade Ropivacaine L GTCS 2 min After anesthesia Non N N NA NA
  1. F Female, M Male, G General anesthesia, L Local anesthesia, TCS Tonic-clonic seizure, GTCS Generalized tonic-clonic seizure, s seconds, min minutes, NA Not available, N No, Y Yes, EEG Electroencephalography, CT Computed tomography, MRI Magnetic resonance imaging