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Table 3 A list of investigational drugs currently in clinical development as potential treatments for epilepsy. The list is not exhaustive and does not include medications approved for other indications and currently being tested for potential repurposing in epilepsy

From: The pharmacological treatment of epilepsy: recent advances and future perspectives

Anavex 2–73 Omaveloxolone (RTA 408)
Ataluren OV 329
Carisbamate Sec-butylpropylacetamide
CVL 865 (PF-03672865) Soticlestat (TAK 935, OV935)
CX8998 Vatiquinone (EPI-743)
Ganaxolone Vixotrigine (CNV 1014802)
Huperzyne A XEN 496
JJ 40411813 XEN 1101
NBI 921352 (XEN 901)