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Table 1 Basic data of patients

From: Bilateral asymmetric tonic seizure in insulo-opercular epilepsy: an anatomo-electro-clinical study

Patient No Age of surgery (years) Gender Age of onset (years) Duration (years) VEEG-IID MRI PET hypometabolism regions Total number of electrode Total number of electrodes covering INS + OP Total number of electrodes covering OP Total number of electrodes exploring SMA/MCC Resection/RFHC structure Pathology Follow-Up time (months)/ Engel level
1 22 M 12 10 Diffuse SW, temporal prominent Malacia in Lt parasylvian+INS, Cop+Pop+Top+INSp prominent Lt INSa+INSp+OFC + Fop + Cop+Pop+ Top+MTS + SMA + preSMA+MCC + NTL Lt15,Rt2 Lt5,Rt2 Lt1 0/Lt1 Lt INS + Cop Malacia, gliosis 36/ I
2 10 M 3 7 Diffuse SW, Lt hemisphere prominent Lt INS + Cop FCD Lt INSp+Cop+Pop+SMA + SPL Lt8 Lt5 Lt1 Lt1/Lt1 Lt INS FCDIb 51/ I
3 22 M 5 17 F7,F3 SW Negative Bil INSa(Lt > Rt) + INSp+Fop(Rt > Lt) + Cop+Pop(Rt > Lt) + SMA + preSMA+MCC Lt13,Rt3 Lt5,Rt1 0 Lt1,Rt1/Lt1 Lt INS (residual cortex of both ends of ils and asg) FCD Ib 31/ I
4 16 M 0.6 15.5 Diffuse SW, Lt temporal prominent Lt INSp FCD Bil INSa(Lt > Rt), Lt INSp+OFC + Fop, Bil Cop(Lt > Rt), Lt Pop+Top+MTS, Bil SMA(Lt > Rt) + MCC(Lt > Rt) Lt11 Lt6 Lt1 Lt1/0 Lt INSp+Cop+Pop+post. Top FCDIIa 27/II
5 7 M 5 2 Rt hemisphere SW, F4-C4 prominent Rt INS FCD, psg + alg + Cop+Pop prominent. Bil INSa+INSp(Rt > Lt) + Fop(Rt > Lt) + Cop(Rt > Lt) + SMA(Rt > Lt) + MCC(Rt > Lt) Rt10 Rt4 0 Rt1/Rt1 Rt INSp+Cop+Pop FCDIIa 27/I
6 4 M 0.7 3.3 Diffuse SW, F4, F8, Cz prominent Rt TP + STG + INSp+Pop FCD Rt INSa+OFC, Bil Fop(Rt > Lt), Rt Cop+Pop+Top+ MTS + SMA + preSMA+MCC + ACC + NTL Rt12 Rt4 Rt2 Rt1/Rt2 Rt inf.INSa+INSp+ Pop+TP FCDIIa 26/ I
7 6 F 2.5 2.5 Sagittal,parasagittal SW Lt INS + Fop + Cop+Pop FCD Bil INSa(Lt > Rt) + INSp(Lt > Rt) + Fop(Lt > Rt) + Cop(Lt > Rt), Lt Pop+Top, Bil SMA(Lt > Rt) + MCC(Lt > Rt) + ACC(Lt > Rt) Lt11,Rt2 Lt5,Rt1 Lt1 Lt1/Lt1,Rt1 Lt INS + ant.Cop Nonspecific change 12/III
8 17 M 4 13 Diffuse SW, Lt parasagittal prominent Negative Bil INSa(Lt > Rt), Lt OFC + Fop, Bil Cop, Lt Top+SMA Lt10 + 4a Lt3 Lt3 Lt2/Lt1 RFTC: bottom of Lt ds and IFS junction 7/ I
  1. afor twice implantation. M male, F female, Lt left, Rt right, Bil bilateral, ant. anterior, post. posterior, inf. inferior, SW spikes and waves, SMA supplementary sensorimotor area, pre-SMA pre-supplementary sensorimotor area, INS insula, INSa anterior part of insula, INSp posterior part of insula, alg anterior long gyrus of insula, asg anterior short gyrus of insula, psg posterior short gyrus of insula, ils inferior limiting sulcus, OP operculum, Fop frontal operculum, Cop central operculum, Pop parietal operculum, Top temporal operculum, MCC middle part of cingular cortex, ACC anterior part of cingular cortex, MTS mesial temporal structures, NTL neocortex of temporal lobe, TP temporal pole, SPL superior parietal lobue, OFC orbital frontal cortex, ds diagonal sulcus, IFS inferior frontal sulcus, RFTC stereotactic radiofrequency thermocoagulation