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Table 1 The demographic data of the patients

From: The ketogenic diet for paediatric patients with super-refractory status epilepticus in febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome

No.Age (y)SexEpilepsy historyBrain MRIAutoimmune antibodies of blood and CSFGene testGCSSE type
Case 110MNoBi-thalamus T2 hyperintensityNot AvailableNot Available8CSE/NCSE
Case 213FNoNormalNegativeNot Available11NCSE
Case 39M3 times FS in 5 years oldBi-hippocampus T2 hyperintensityNegativeNegative10CSE/NCSE
Case 48FNoBi-hippocampus, thalamus, frontal and temporal lobe T2 hyperintensityNegativeNegative7CSE/NCSE
Case 55FNoBi-hippocampus T2 hyperintensityNegativeNot Available11CSE/NCSE
Case 610MNoNormalNegativeNot Available10CSE/NCSE
Case 79MNoNormalNegativeNegative8NCSE
Case 87FNoBi-thalamus, frontal and parietal lobe T2 hyperintensityNegativeNegative10CSE/NCSE
Case 95FNoNormalNegativeNegative10CSE/NCSE
Case 1011FNoBi-frontal T2 hyperintensityNegativeNegative8CSE/NCSE
  1. FS febrile seizure, GCS Glasgow Coma Scale, ICU intensive care unit, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, CSF cerebrospinal fluid, CSE convulsive status epilepticus, NCSE nonconvulsive status epilepticus