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Table 2 Pathological findings of SUDEP patients

From: A clinical and pathological study in patients with sudden unexpected death in Epilepsy

CaseBrainLungsHeartOther organs
1brain edema with slight cell lossinfiltrates in pulmonary alveoli, pulmonary interstitial edemaslight myocardial cell edema with fat cell immersionnormal
2brain edema, gliosispulmonary interstitial edema, fibrosis with remarkable inflammatory cell infiltrationlow-grade swelling myocardial cellsnormal
3swelling neurons, gliosis, loss of purkinje cells,the exudates in pulmonary alveoli, pulmonary interstitial edema. normal
4brain edema, gliosisthe exudates of the lung alveoli and pulmonary interstitial edemamyocardial cell showed swellingimmersion of inflammatory cells in kidneys; hepatic lobules was disarranged with low-grade hepatic fibrosis
5neuron edema, gliosisthe exudates and scanty hemorrhage in pulmonary alveolinormala small number of inflammatory cell immersion in the liver
6brain edema, neuronal losspulmonary edemanormalnormal
7brain edemapulmonary edema normal
8gliosis, brain edema,pulmonary edemanormallow grade hepatic swelling
9brain edemapulmonary edemanormalNormal
10brain edema, gliosispulmonary edemanormalNormal
11brain edemathe exudates of the lung alveolimyocardial fibrosisNormal