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Table 1 Clinical profile of patients with SUDEP

From: A clinical and pathological study in patients with sudden unexpected death in Epilepsy

CaseAge (years)genderDuration (years)Seizure typeEtiologyEEGBrain imagingAEDsfrequency of seizure
150male9GTCSnospike and sharp wavesnormalCBZcontrolled
240female20focal epilepsy with secondary GTCSnospike wave and paroxysmal slow wavenormalVPA1–2 per year
314female3GTCSno/normalCBZ0.5–1 per year
442female40GTCSno//CBZ1 per year
534female22GTCSnoparoxysmal slow wavenormalPHT1–2 per year
68female6focal epilepsy with secondary GTCShead traumaspike-wave complex VPA + CBZ20–30 per year
1057male16complex focal seizureno//CBZunclear
  1. GTCS generalized tonic clonic seizure, VPA valproate, CBZ carbamazepine, PHT phenytoin